john mills and mary mills

"I had the date of my marriage engraved on my Reverso watch, 16.1.41, which was quite unnecessary. I have never needed reminding of the most marvelous day of my life." - John Mills

john mills

mary mills, vivien leigh and laurence olivier

laurence olivier

laurence olivier

john mills, hayley mills and martha scott

Mary Mills, Martha Scott, Hayley Mills and John Mills at Hayley Mills' christening.

john mills, douglas fairbanks jr., and rex harrison

rex harrison and john mills

douglas fairbanks jr. and mary lee fairbanks

rex harrison

john mills and hayley mills

bette davis

fads and fancies

sandra dee handwriting analysis

what is femininity?

You can click on the images to enlarge them. My favorite here is Hayley Mills:
"The most feminine thing about me is that I'm not a boy!"